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Are Your Eating Habits Reducing the Effectiveness of Your Exercise Routine?

Eating HabitsThe food that you eat and what you drink before, during and after exercising can have a positive or negative effect on how you exercise and how you recover. If you are not getting the right nutrients at the right time then you may not notice as much weight loss or muscle mass gain as you would with eating effectively.

First things first; you need a routine. Routines are the key to a happy life. You have a routine at work, a routine if you have a family, and a routine if you don’t; so why would you not have a routine when it comes to exercise and healthy eating. You need to take note of what you are eating and when you are exercising and this can be a base for figuring out how to improve your nutrition. So when and what should you eat to get the most from your exercise routine?

What to Eat Before You Exercise
Before you exercise you need to eat foods that will provide you with energy and improve your endurance. You can become nauseous and suffer with stomach cramps if you eat too much before you exercise, and the same can be said if you eat too little. You need to be able to have a small portion that can sustain you throughout your workout.

In order to add energy boosting foods to your pre workout meal you need to add quality carbohydrates, heart-healthy fats, lean protein and fluids. These nutrients can come in many different forms from chicken and bread to pasta and egg whites. A good choice may be a chicken sandwich or a pasta salad.

Hydrating During Exercise
Not only does it improve your performance, water can also help to improve the effectiveness of your exercise. As we all know, exercising makes us sweat, and when we sweat we are losing vital water and minerals from our bodies. It is important to replace those as soon as possible to avoid post workout illness or injury. You can choose to drink plain water throughout the day with meals and before exercising, or you can opt for an energy drink (I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether they are of any real benefit). A good way to check you are drinking the right amount of water is to weigh yourself before you exercise and weigh yourself after; for every pound you have lost, drink 2 cups of water.

What To Eat After You Exercise
After you have finished your workout you will need to think about what you are consuming very carefully. This is an important time for your muscles as they need to recover as quickly as possible so that you can continue to work out effectively.

Drinking a protein shake or eating egg whites as part of an exercise plan can provide you with many of the nutrients that you need to recovery quickly and effectively from your workout or sports activity; including protein for muscle repair, and a low carb content to aid in weight loss.

Knowing how important nutrition is to your exercise routine can vastly improve your success rate; so whether you are training for a marathon, trying to gain considerable muscle mass or just trying to shed a few pounds, make sure you are eating the right things and enjoy your success.


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