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Various Home remedies to cure warts

cure wartsWarts are usually grown on your skin in various parts and these are thick, hard and might be the reason for your embarrassment. These are generally caused by the virus and no one would wish to have them on their skin. Salicylic acid is one of the most common remedies which most people do prefer to use and it can either be available in the form of gel or in the form of cream. This would remove the warts permanently but need to check whether it would get over dosed. Here you would actually come to know how you can get rid of this wart problem by using the natural home remedies which might not produce any kind of side effects as well.

There are number of home remedies for warts and few people include the aloe vera juice which has been extracted straight away and used for the warts. Though the warts that come on our skin are not painful and problematic but these might not let you feel comfortable when you need to attend a party or occasion. The most common place where you can find the warts include the hands, fingers and near the finger nails as well. These don’t develop all of a sudden. These develop gradually and it would be better if you could diagnose before so that you can start with the treatment at an early stage. You can even go for garlic which is available in every one’s home. Garlic is known to have the anti-fungal properties and when you apply the paste over the wart it you can see the difference. Regular use would give you the best results.

These warts can be transferred from one person to person and hence it is always better to start the treatment at the earliest. Though these warts would disappear on their own if you leave them over a period of time for about some months, but you might not feel comfortable to go out. The use of duct tape will also help you to keep the warts away from your skin. Just cut the duct tape and place it over the wart and leave it for 2 weeks and you can change the tape as well and keep it closed until the wart completely disappears. This way it would be possible for you to get back the lost confidence and can lead a normal life with the help of home remedies for warts.


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