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Body Odor 101 – Eliminate It For Good

Body OdorThere are a lot of different causes of body odor, so pinpointing the root cause of your unpleasant odor might prove a difficult task… but we are going to attempt to do just that today!

Our odor depends on the food we eat, the way we dress, our genetics etc. We can`t address all these issues, but we can go over the most common few! Here they are:

Bacteria and Sweating

Most of us believe that sweat is the cause of our unpleasant body odor. This is the main reason some attempt to mask their poor body odor with some cool, sexy smelling cologne, but in reality this will do more harm than good!

What happens is the sweat reacts with the bacteria that is already present on our body and produces the odor. So, poor personal hygiene and excessive sweating can cause quite the odor and drive people away!

Diet and Nutrition

Believe it or not, the food we eat can affect our body odor! Of course, we all know about the foods that have pungent natural smells, like garlic and onions, that cause bad breath, but these foods will also affect our body`s odor!

Next come foods that are hard to digest, red meat for example. Red meat will, in some cases, cause a more pungent aroma but not always. For example, I have no problem eating red meat but if you do, you might want to reconsider eating it if you are going out. Instead, replace it with a more plat rich diet – veggies and fruit. And avoid junk foods.

Nuts and seeds can also be a good idea with regards to body odor.

Health Conditions

When talking about health conditions I want to start out with stress. Stress will not, in itself, cause bad body odor, but it will make you sweat more…in turn, promoting your pungent aroma.

Next, people with urinary infections (especially older people), gastrointestinal infections, can also have an unpleasant, sharp odor.

Other conditions that can cause these odors are liver problems, menopause, kidney disease.

Another thing we can discuss in this “medical” section is genetics. Genetics can also play a role, since it controls pretty much everything that goes around our body. This includes skin color, gender and also there are some people who are just more prone to sweating and producing a foul body odor in general.

Addressing The Problem Of Body Odor

Luckily for both you and people in your surroundings, there are plenty of ways you can address and eliminate the problem of poor body odor!

The number one thing you need to take good care of is personal hygiene. Taking regular showers will help decrease those odor-inducing bacteria and keep your skin nice and clean.

Wearing clean clothes and changing your shirt during the day might also help.

In addition to keeping yourself clean, you should consider shaving your armpits. There is literally no benefit to having that nasty hair growth there, so just get rid of it!

If the odor is persistent and strong even after you take a shower, you should consider visiting a doctor.

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