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How peptides are applied to Skin Care for Women

peptidesThere is constant introduction of new skin care products and ingredients. This influx of products can cause confusion, especially if people don’t understand what the components do to, or for, the skin. In recent years, peptides were perhaps the most important discoveries as far as skin care is concerned.

Discover more information on this powerful anti-aging product from the peptides company in Canada. Know what it does for your skin and how to incorporate it into your anti-aging campaign.

Demystifying the skin-care powerhouse
Samayah Jamal, MD, is an Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Dermatology at New York City’s NYU Medical Center. The MD says that when you apply antioxidants topically, they defuse free radicals and deactivate their harmful effects before theyactually cause harm to your skin. For this reason, they are very important ingredients in any anti-aging skin product.

You see, peptides are amino acids that form the protein building blocks in your skin. These become proteins upon their formation of a long chain. They can penetrate the top dermis of the skin especially when the chain is short. Additionally, they send messages to the cells to command them to function properly.

Peptides Canada manufactures collagen, undoubtedly one of the most important proteins that our skin needs. It makes the skin firm yet flexible. This is why the absence of enough collagen leads to wrinkles and other undesirable symptoms of aging, harsh weather and stress. When peptides are applied directly on the skin, they promote the production of fresh collagen. This in turn produces a firmer youthful skin.

Apart from neuropeptides that establish immediate effects, most peptides take time to exhibit obvious results. For this reason, it is prudent to apply creams and serums rich in these nutrients over a long period. After 4-12 weeks of application, you can expect positive results. You need to continue application even when you achieve a radiant youthful look.


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